Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Vick

Yay, Michael Vick is being reinstated in the NFL. I hope no teams picks him up. Any job is a privilege, whether it's an NFL quarterback or a 9th grade English teacher. Most ordinary jobs, like my previous ones, would never take anyone back after being in jail, especially federal prison. Why should Vick be any different?

Most people know I love animals. I donate regularly to the ASPCA and encourage people to adopt a pet instead of breeding. I don't eat meat, but I also don't push my vegetarian views on anyone. I'll tell Janet about being a vegetarian, but if she doesn't want to I'll be okay with it. I think all of God's creatures should be treated well. I wish the people who slaughter the meat for food would do it in a more humane way. I also wish the animals were treated more humanely before they were slaughtered. Quite honestly I prefer animals over humans. Sometimes I think my cats are smarter than a lot of people! However I do not associate myself with PETA. I think they are too extreme and even the Humane Society can cross the line.

Anyway, I know that Man is the top mammal in the food chain. But you can tell a lot about a person's character by how he treats those, how do I say this, who are not on his level. That is why I cannot associate with people who are so evil to animals. I think this quote from the Bible fits nicely: "To Whom much is given, much is expected" Luke 12:48.

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