Friday, July 31, 2009

Janet's Baptism

Sunday is Janet's baptism. I only hope it goes smoothly. It's from 1-2:30 and that's J's naptime!

I'm Catholic, but not very religious. But I do believe in God, mainly because of Janet and the video we watched at the baptism class reminded me of it. One of the mothers said that when she looks at her son she knows there has to be a God. How else do you explain such a beautiful thing?

I look at Janet and I know God has to exist. I used to think the making of life was simple, but I would read the weekly updates during my pregnancy at Baby-Gaga and it was just so wonderful to read about her development every week. The one thing that impressed me most was that right when the sperm fertilizes the egg EVERYTHING about Janet was determined. Even though it was a batch of cells Janet existed. Her gender, eye color, hair color, and even what hand she would write with was chosen.

At the class we had to write a letter to our child. I told her she is my world, my life. I also told her that a person's religion and faith is a very personal decision. If she goes to a Methodist service with a friend and decides she wants to explore that faith I will allow it.

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  1. then why baptize her as a Catholic? the whole point of doing it is as a promise that you will raise her Catholic and instill those Catholic values in her. the second baptism class dealt with Catholic family life...