Saturday, November 28, 2009

Frank Santelli

It's so weird how someone without a heart was able to get heart cancer.

I know people are wondering why I would post nasty things about my grandfather. The truth is that he is such an awful person there are not any words that could give him justice.

First off I will admit that I'm probably the only one in our family that had any kind of relationship. He has 10 kids, 17 grand kids, and, I think, 5 great grand kids. My daughter is named after his wife, my grandmother, Janet. Frank was always nice to me. He took me to Disney World when I was 4. I worked for him too. I could always see he was an asshole, but he is 100% Italian. I knew Italians had attitude. After all, I have one too!

I won't go into details about what he did to Grandma and the kids. Truth is I don't know all of it because no one will talk about it. I don't blame them one bit. But the little I do know has made me stone cold against Frank.

Grandma becomes very ill in May 2003. I also won't get into all of the details, but this was the final straw. The main problem was he wasn't going to claim Grandma's body. He wanted her buried in his family area at the local cemetery. Luckily the children were able to get power of attorney and have Grandma buried in HER family plot in her home town Hinckley. She was finally able to escape from the evil that is Frank Santelli. We thought she could finally be at peace with her family.

He doesn't give up. He buys 12 plots in the cemetery and right across from her he erects a monstrosity of a headstone for him. He even has pictures of her laminated on the stone. It was bad enough that we were always nervous about going to the cemetery because we never knew if he was going to be there.

This man, Frank Santelli, is a monster. I hate him for what he did to my grandma, mom, and her siblings. HOWEVER!! There is ONE good thing that came out of all of this. He showed my mom and her siblings what not to be like as a parent. I will never thank him for my mother. I'll thank Grandma for my mom.

Is it un-Christian of me to be like this? It's not up to me to forgive him. I won't forgive him. I blame him for Grandma's death. I blame him for her smoking. I blame him for everything.

It's a real shame he was able to live this long. My father's parents, Shirley and Arthur, were great people. Even my mom doesn't have anything bad to say about them. They died in 1978 and 1981. Grandma died in 2003. Now it looks like Frank will died in 2009. My dad's dad is unfortunately still alive.

Why is it the good die first and we're left with the awful ones? Why do we have to say goodbye to the ones we love and adore, but have to continue living with those we hate? Why? WHY????? Why did Grandma have to pass away? How come Frank was able to live another 6 years? It's so unfair.

I miss my grandma so much. She was so special to me. At her wake I knelt next to her and swore I would name my first daughter after her. I miss her so much. So very very much.

You can think me a cruel person, but I am happy Frank is going to die. I'm happy he has heart cancer. I'm happy that he won't be contaminating my air.

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