Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planned Parenthood Needs To Be Shut Down!

I used to think Planned Parenthood was great. It was a great way for women to get all kinds of medical care, not just abortions, at a reasonable price. But then my friend showed me a different side of Planned Parenthood. Now it makes me ashamed I even supported them.

There is this non-profit organization called Live Action. They are doing a Mona Lisa Project, in which they go to different Planned Parenthood clinics, posing as a minor who was impregnated by their very much older boyfriend, like 31 years old. These people are covering up sexual abuse and figuring out ways for these minors to have abortions without parental consent. Excuse me, but the LAW is that a parent MUST be informed before a doctor does or gives ANYTHING to a minor, including Tylenol! I wrote to my friend Lauren, who showed me the videos, my thoughts on them and I'm going to copy and paste them for you.

First off, they don't even make you take a pregnancy test before they talk to you. I remember I couldn't even see the OB-GYN nurse until she had a positive pregnancy test!! Secondly, when they found out they were minors, they should have said that they wouldn't even discuss ANY option without a parent present. Thirdly, they ONLY discussed abortion. They didn't discuss ANY other option. Fourth, they didn't discuss any of the risks for an abortion. I also want to know why it is so easy for the patients to get a judicial waiver for an abortion!!!!! And the counselor said to lie about your age to the judge. Um, why aren't the courts checking for an ID? I find that fishy too and would like that investigated. It should be very very very hard for a minor to get an abortion. Abortion and no surgical procedure should be taken lightly.

Of course, the fact that they were covering up sexual abuse made me the sickest. Do they really think they are above the law? And then to show them that a neighboring state has no parental consent? It made me ill to know that my home state Illinois doesn't have parental consent!!!

And then I saw that they were taking donations and earmarking them to specifically abort African-American babies. OMG!!! Then I read about how in some they really did send girls back to the men who were molesting them including a BIOLOGICAL father and step-father. Of course, Planned Parenthood say they didn't do anything wrong. Sorry, but NO ONE is above the law. 

I'm just in shock. Absolute total shock. 

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  1. I saw an interview with Live Action on today. I had problems with planned parenthood before, but I was shocked about the sexual abuse issues. They are supposed to be all for women's rights? Allowing young girls to go back into abuse situations is NOT how you stand up for women's rights!