Monday, September 21, 2009

Life Without Janet?

The case of Jaycee out in California really had me thinking. Would I be able to survive without Janet? If she was kidnapped I don't know what I would do. I'd be dead to the world. I always thought that since she is a daughter her daddy would be the over protective one, but I don't think that is the case. The maternal instinct in me is so incredibly strong. She is my everything. I look at her in the monitor and the thought of anyone hurting her physically or emotionally brings tears to my eyes. Zac and I have it planned out that her boyfriends think they should be scared of Zac when in reality they should be scared of me.

I read stories of mothers intentionally harming their child. It disturbs me when fathers do it, but there's something about a mother abusing her child. As a mother I am my child's ultimate protector. Mothers should not harm their child. The bond there is indescribable too. I didn't just help create her. I baked and gave birth to her!! I remember I cried when her belly button fell off. That belly button was the last thing that kept us connected physically. It really broke my heart when it fell off.

People ask me why I'm so political all of a sudden. They ask me why I'm not liberal anymore. The ones who are following blindly with all of Obama's plans do not have children. With every bill that is written and every plan being said out loud I see Janet and my future children's futures go down the drain. Anyone with a kid would not approve of these programs and plans. I see their basic freedoms being stripped away. My parents and others tell me it's no use and to stop wasting my energy. I will not go down without a fight. I will not stand by and watch my children's future collapse. I won't tolerate it. I won't do it. At the 9/12 rally in Washington DC a woman was holding a sign that said "An angry mom is worse than an angry mob!" She is right.

Remember A Time To Kill? Yeah, you put a hand on my daughter I'll go Samuel L. Jackson on your ass.

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