Saturday, August 29, 2009

Democrat? Republican? NEITHER!

Is it really a cop out when people like me declare that we are not Democrat, not Republican, not liberal, or not conservative. It's wrong to think for myself? It's wrong for me not to join a group? If you disagree with one of those parties they shun you. God forbid you disagree with them on anything. You see how the Democrat Party are treating the Blue Dog Democrats. Ouch! I don't want to belong to a group that pressures you to think and act like they do.

Democrats won't touch me because I'm pro-life. Republicans won't touch me because I'm all for gay rights. Democrats won't touch me because I do not want big government. Republicans don't necessarily want big government, but lately they've been wanting enough government to make me uncomfortable so they don't want me either.

Good. I don't want any part of either of them.

I'm a Libertarian. I'll say it over and over again too. I AM A LIBERTARIAN! Yes I do lose my temper when people call me a right wing nutjob, conservative, or Republican. I'm sick of it. The people who are calling me out seem to forget the fact that a year ago from today we were agreeing. It's amazing how people easily forget that. Ask anyone close to me. They know I would rail against Bush in a heart beat.

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